DJ Jack Sun

Just Dance...In a Tropical Paradise

Fun in the Sun.

Be pleasantly surprised as DJ Jack Sun goes from Hip Hop to Motown to Contemporary Pop to Country to Rock to Jazz in a seamless arc of danceable entertainment.  He knows Big Band and Chamber Music for just the right musical setting. DJ Jack Sun has a big selection of House, Techno and EDM.

Using his solid base in island styles like Trinidadi, Calypso, Soca and Samba, DJ Jack Sun also combines Latin and Pop music into a universal style that crosses age groups and ethnic backgrounds.

Music on the run in the Tropical Sun

We are Happy!

Bring on the Party

DJ Jack Sun facilitates fun

Convention or Wedding...the first set of reception music should be designed to build energy. People should be able to hear each other and mingle. If you have ever been at a convention where the DJ starts off with loud, boom-boom music, you know what happens – nobody can talk. It is better if your group can come together with tropical jazz playing in the background loud enough to be lively, but soft enough so that people can talk.  At the point when it is time to get people dancing, DJ Jack Sun pulls out a song that turns on the “dance switch" to get people on the dance floor and ready to party.