80s music is hot

DJ Jack Sun gets lots of requests for selections from the 80's and he has a bunch in his collection.

All Ages a specialty

Keep the love alive between generations - Glenn Miller to kid's favorites - You Choose what you want to hear.

Just Dance...DJ Jack Sun can take your party there

Some DJ secrets only come from years of experience.  Powerful observation skills enable DJ Jack Sun to read a crowd and deliver the atmosphere that is right for each phase of a party.   

When guests are arriving, they want to mingle and talk.  Light, lively music with the sound at a low volume enables conversation. This is the mood-setter for the whole night.  A mellow start gets people together. 
When it is time to pump up the volume and start dancing, people are already loose and wanting to get on the dance floor.  This is the secret to DJ Jack Sun’s magic dance switch.